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lyboldLeap Year Clothing is a clothing brand based in Uganda, currently catering predominantly for women. All pieces are produced in Uganda with locally-sourced materials, and we strive for inventive and high quality garment creation. Our creations consist of bold and vibrant pieces that fuse classic fashion styles with ethnic undertones. The clothes and accessories are aimed at the woman who wants to express her own unique sense of style, celebrate her form and explore her femininity. In addition, the label aims to explore the diversity of ethnic heritage. At Leap Year Clothing, we value the customer and it is important to us that they identify with the brand and feel that the pieces preserve their individuality.


Leap Year Uganda was founded in 2013 by Pamela Kahwa, who is also the Creative Director. Although she has had no formal training in fashion, Pamela’s passion for the craft has grown over the years, mostly through fashion illustration. Her designs are inspired by the new cultures encountered on her travels, and being able to identify with different lifestyles helps her to tailor each piece to suit the user’s perceived needs.

Through Leap Year Clothing, she is raising the banner as a Ugandan designer, and she is fully committed to supporting Ugandan fashion and proving that Ugandan designers have got what it takes to make it on the international fashion scene.

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